Hey, welcome to magazine Heebu! This is an official Finnish fansite for the Our fansite differs from other Finnish fansites because we are an online-magazine.

We publish a new number once a month which includes the editorial, articles about Habbo Hotel Finland's happenings, interviews, plus music, movie, litteracy, room, website and game reviews. We also publish seasonal special numbers like Halloween Special, Christmas Special, etc. Magazine Heebu organizes happenings in Habbo Hotel Finland. The parties that we've held so far have been The Halloween Party and The Christmas Party. Still more to come! There are also many different competitions in our magazine; maybe a writing or a graphic contest? Who knows!

In Magazine Heebu there was also a column made for Ankkamankka: "Kysy Ankkamankalta" which means "Ask Ankkamankka" in English. There you can ask anything from our genious and smart duck tamer, Ankkamankka.

Our new column made for official Habbo eXpert, Vinoteksti is "Kysy Habbo eXpertilt�" which means "Ask Habbo eXpert" in English. This is a follower for "Ask Ankkamankka" -column.

Our proud and talented members are called keikku (site manager), Erinna (editor), Ihmissyoja (art director), Suurennuslasi (assistant), Agneta (critic) and Vinoteksti (Habbo eXpert).

If you have any questions, just e-mail us at [email protected], or just ask anyone of our staff in

Happy habboing!
The Heebu staff

A small FI-EN dictionary

Uusin lehti = the newest magazine
Arkisto = archive
Tietoja = information about Heebu
UKK = FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Staffi = the staff
Linkit = links
Vieraskirja = guestbook

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